Tiny Cashmere: Abercrombie and Fitch

You know that feeling when you find the thing you’ve been searching for since forever, and you skip out of the store singing a little song that goes something like, “I found tiny clothing…I found tiny clothing!” Well, today was one of those days.

Finding tiny fitted sweaters has always been a challenge for me, especially when I’m on the hunt for nice quality and coziness. Problems I often encounter are:

1. Too broad of a shoulder, so the shoulder seams go down my arm.
2. Too large of a torso, so my curves get hidden by a sweater that falls straight down.
3. Too large of arm holes and/or sleeves.
4. Length that overwhelms my tiny frame.

Juniors sweaters sometimes work, but they are usually made from cheap fabric and so not very cozy. So, it’s safe to say I’ve been on the hunt for a tiny cashmere sweater for quite some time.

All the “items every woman should own” lists have cashmere as a top wardrobe priority, but every one I found was about 1-2 sizes too large. So when I saw Abercrombie & Fitch had a cashmere sweater on sale, I was desperate to get to it. Abercrombie & Fitch has junior sizing, and their size XS is tiny!

I picked this sweater up in size XS in grey and navy and am VERY happy with it. It is a nice soft cashmere in a slim cut, and hits at my high hip. The sleeves are extra long and meant to be rolled. The cute pockets on the front give it a great menswear “grandpa sweater” look. And luckily, the moose embroidery that all Abercrombie & Fitch clothing items carries is the same color as the sweater, so it won’t scream, “I’m an adult who shops in stores meant for high schoolers!”

Abercrombie & Fitch Cashmere Cardigan in size XS

Get the tiny cashmere quick before they’re all gone!


New Nanette Lepore – Spring 2009

While perusing the sales, I came across some new offerings from Nanette Lepore for Spring 2009. I always gravitate towards coats and jackets, even though I live in sunny Los Angeles and can only wear them for about 2 months out of the year. Despite this fact, I was instantly attracted to this little number:

This coat in size XS gets a big thumbs up! Cut very small in the chest, torso and shoulder, this coat fit fantastically. It hit me a little higher than mid thigh, which is a great length to wear with jeans, or over a cute springtime dress. The only alteration it might need would be to get the sleeves shortened. If not for the fact I already own several red coats, this baby would be hanging in my closet right now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll come across it in a different color!

Next, I turned my attention to this cutie:

This coat in XS was TOO BIG! The shoulders were too broad, the torso was too big, and the flare at the bottom was too bulky for my small frame. Too bad because it was pretty cute and I’m a sucker for anything belted.


So, the moral of the story is…snatch up the tiny Nanette Lepore “Campfire” jacket to wear with all your stylish spring ensembles…just make sure you leave one for me!

To Keep Or Not To Keep…

While frantically doing my holiday shopping, I of course had to peruse the sale shoes at Barneys on Rodeo Drive. The shoe department had apparently exploded, and equally frazzled women were picking through the mangled remains of F/W 2008.

Being a size 5 (35 if we’re talking European brands), the availability of fun styles is very limited even at full retail price, so it’s almost impossible to find anything even a smidgen decent on sale. Then, my eyes rested on these Dolce & Gabbana goddesses (discounted down to $199 from $795!), I threw my Amex at the first available sales associate and floated the whole way back to my car in euphoria.

My babiesDolce & Gabbana Oxford, Fall 2008

I love menswear. I have more fun playing in the men’s sections of department stores, touching the tweeds and houndstooths, than I do playing in the women’s chiffons and cashmeres. So, my mind trailed back to the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008 RTW looks, loaded with menswear for women, and I couldn’t wait to look like the 1920’s cross dresser those crazy Italians sent strutting down that runway.

So I got them home and now I’m faced with the eternal question…what do I wear with them???

I usually buy practical things…such as things I can wear a variety of places and can walk in for hours. These fours inchers are not practical, and now I’m undecided on whether or not I should keep them. My inner fashionista is in love with them…but my inner prude is screaming, “money better spent on something else!” Add this to the fact my wardrobe is anything but expansive or high fashion, and I’m in a dilemma.

So…here is my first attempt at putting something together (with a limited wardrobe, mind you) to help convince myself to keep them:

B.P. shirt, Banana Republic petite waistcoat, Paige Premium Denim, Dolce & Gabbana oxfords

Yea or nay?

Sale at Fred Segal

For anyone in Los Angeles this weekend, Fred Segal is having their 50% off sale starting today! Fred Segal is jam packed full of beautiful clothes, but it’s a bit of a mess to find anything that runs small during this sale.

My advice…check out the handbags and jewelry! Fred Segal has fantastic contemporary jewelry by some great designers, and their handbag selection is fantastic. And who doesn’t like accessories right?

The Melrose boutique is also having the same sale. Enjoy!

Is It 2009 Already?

Photo: The New York Times

Phew! This holiday season was a tough one! But fear not…I’ve emerged from my holiday haze and will resume posting again.

On another note, the economic situation is causing retailers to have the most aggressive merchandise sales I’ve ever seen. Not only are the sale prices fantastic, but I’ve never seen so many small clothing sizes still available after markdowns. If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to invest in your wardrobe, now would be the time to start shopping!

LA Sample Sales: Paige and Frankie B.

I just found listings for two sample sales happening today in Los Angeles!

Paige Premium Denim size 24 jeans generally run small in the thigh, and even make a petite length in some styles.

Label: Paige Premium Denim
Deal: Sample sale, featuring variety of styles, washes and sizes at $50
When/Where: Friday, December 12, 9am-3pm, 127 East 9th Street, Suite 209, Downtown

Frankie B. Jeans make size 23 (very rare!) and I’ve also heard this jean runs about 1 size small!

Label: Frankie B
Deal: Holiday sale, featuring merch at $50 or under
When/Where: Friday, December 12 though Saturday, December 13, 10am-4pm, 850 South Broadway, Suite 500, Downtown

Too bad Paige is only going on during work hours today…I wonder if i can make it Downtown on my lunch break…hhmmmm…

Sample sale information courtesy of la.racked.com

New York DVF Sample Sale

Lucky NY girls can pick up tiny size 0 dresses and tops from Diane von Furstenberg from 12/9/08 to 12/13/08. Here is the description from NY Magazine:

12/9–12/13 Dresses, sportswear, and knits are all up to 75 percent off at the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale. New merchandise will arrive throughout the week. 260 Fifth Ave., nr. 29th St.; Tues. (9–6:30), Wed. (9–8), Thurs. (9–7), Fri. (9–5:30), Sat. (9–3).

And racked.com has a play by play of the opening day. Looks a bit chaotic, but for those prices, I’d totally brave the storm! I Wish I were there!

Racked: Tons of Merch, Comically Bad Fitting Rooms at DVF