Shoes That Run Small: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, photo from by way of Barneys

When clothes that fit are hard to find…wear beautiful shoes! There are many beautiful shoes that run small, which is good news for those of us with tiny feet. For those of us with a small and narrow shoe size, Christian Louboutin will keep us looking chic and stylish with classic styles and that irresistible red sole.

Many of Christian Louboutin’s shoe styles run nice and small, so if you’re a size 4.5 (Euro 34.5), you might be able to fit some size 5’s (Euro 35) with a few strategically placed shoe pads. But if you’re smaller than a size 5, fear not, because Christian Louboutin makes sizes 4 and 4.5.

Christian Louboutin size 5’s are available in high end department stores and online, but that size goes fast, so jump on them quickly. Sizes 4-4.5 are available in Christian Louboutin boutiques, and are often available for special order, so call a boutique and ask! And if that’s still not small enough, you can get a custom made “last” of your foot and have the shoes specially made just for you (at a cost of about $3,000, ouch!).

Note: Patent leather styles fit smaller than regular leather styles, and stretch less, so you might be able to size a 1/2 size up if you normally wear a hard to find size.


Petite Bras

If you’re tiny like me, then you have to give petite bras a shot. I knew petite bras existed, and had even thought about ordering one online, but bras are a tricky thing to purchase sight unseen, and I hate paying shipping charges. So when I saw the CK petite bras on a recent shopping trip to an outlet mall, I had to try them on. Let me just say it was the closest thing to a religious experience a person could ever have in a dressing room.

Before trying a petite bra, my experience with undergarments was always unsatisfactory. I could fit a size 32 band, even though I’m about 90% sure I’m a at least a size 30, which is nearly impossible to find. And I certainly never got the same results as my friends when trying on a push-up.

Petite bras are smaller around, which means a 32 band fits more like a 30, and the cups are closer together, putting the girls right where they should be. After trying one on, I ran straight back to the rack, grabbed all available colors in my size, and handed over my credit card with great enthusiasm. I highly suggest you do the same.

The Calvin Klein Petite bras are available online at:

I have not tried this brand, but my next petite bra purchase will most likely be from:

Other petite bras are available at:

Investment Dressing

With all the recession business going on, there has been a lot of talk in the fashion world about investing in one’s wardrobe. Some of the main arguments being used for investment dressing are:

  1) Better quality clothes last longer, look better, and are a wiser investment for your money than fast fashion in these times where money is tight.

  2) Fast fashion is not environmentally friendly. Loads of trendy synthetic “throw away” clothes are piling up in landfills, and are not easily biodegradable. Not to mention, if the jeans are costing you $10 at the full store markup price, imagine the amount of money a factory worker did NOT make somewhere else in the world.

  3) People are burnt out on fast fashion. You mean that top I bought yesterday is already out of fashion and on the clearance racks? I can’t keep up!

This article I happened across breaks things down pretty well:

As a tiny petite, I like the idea of investment dressing, and have been trying to implement it in my wardrobe choices. My personal reasons are:

  1) Finding clothing that fits is difficult, and when I find a garment I like, that also fits me well, I want it to last forever!

  2) Cheap clothing that I like, that also fits me well, does not last very long, and it makes me sad when I have to throw away something I like.

  3) Getting garments tailored is a necessity for me, and adds cost to the garment’s retail price. Therefore, the garment must be worth the extra price of tailoring. Why spend the money on getting a fast fashion item tailored, if it will have a short closet life? Instead, purchasing a quality “investment” garment and getting it tailored makes more sense.

I’m hoping this philosophy will help me to buy less, and hopefully in the long run to also spend less. I’m also hoping to get to a point where I can open my closet, and have it full of garments I love, and not garments I bought on an impulse and feel regretful about. What an exciting thought!

Chanel Mobil Art Exhibit
Video: Inside the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit!

New York Magazine’s “The Cut” blog has a cool video on the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit happening right now in NYC. For those of us that can’t make it out to NY to see it for ourselves, this gives a fun little tour.

000 Petite at Banana Republic

**This post has an update here**

Ok, so I admit I’ve joked around about being a non-existent size. I’ve been known to sarcastically proclaim myself a size -1…or a size 000. But to have it really be true? Honestly, Banana Republic, are you serious? But hey, if it fits…I’ll be first in line! Behold Banana Republic’s new size charts in the Petite Fit Guide: For tops: For Pants:

Some tops are already available in size XXS P, but no pants have been added to the website yet. This new size 000 P is also on the size chart for blazers and outerwear, dresses, and skirts. Stay tuned! If the introduction of size 00 to the fashion industry caused controversy about it’s association with unhealthily thin women, I wonder if this will ruffle some feathers as well.

**This post has an update here**

Jackets That Run Small: Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore Chocolate Stretch “Symphony Stripe” Jacket,

Nanette Lepore designs fun and girly pieces with unique details, and luckily, her jackets are cut small! I picked up this beauty from in a size 0, and am really happy with it. Nanette Lepore jackets are cut slim in the bust and torso, and are often cut in a shrunken length, with a little flair at the bottom that works to accentuate a tiny waist. I’ve also tried on a few other jacket styles in department stores, and have been happy to see most designs are flatteringly tiny.
I had to get the sleeves hemmed on this jacket, which is an easy alteration and not costly. Also, some jackets are cut smaller than others, so try them all on!

Nanette Lepore jacket, Paige jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes

Unfortunately, not everything from this designer works. Her bottoms are generally cut pretty large, and I can never find size 0’s in tops or dresses to try on, so I am unsure about the fit of the rest of her line at this time.