Tiny Cashmere: Abercrombie and Fitch

You know that feeling when you find the thing you’ve been searching for since forever, and you skip out of the store singing a little song that goes something like, “I found tiny clothing…I found tiny clothing!” Well, today was one of those days.

Finding tiny fitted sweaters has always been a challenge for me, especially when I’m on the hunt for nice quality and coziness. Problems I often encounter are:

1. Too broad of a shoulder, so the shoulder seams go down my arm.
2. Too large of a torso, so my curves get hidden by a sweater that falls straight down.
3. Too large of arm holes and/or sleeves.
4. Length that overwhelms my tiny frame.

Juniors sweaters sometimes work, but they are usually made from cheap fabric and so not very cozy. So, it’s safe to say I’ve been on the hunt for a tiny cashmere sweater for quite some time.

All the “items every woman should own” lists have cashmere as a top wardrobe priority, but every one I found was about 1-2 sizes too large. So when I saw Abercrombie & Fitch had a cashmere sweater on sale, I was desperate to get to it. Abercrombie & Fitch has junior sizing, and their size XS is tiny!

I picked this sweater up in size XS in grey and navy and am VERY happy with it. It is a nice soft cashmere in a slim cut, and hits at my high hip. The sleeves are extra long and meant to be rolled. The cute pockets on the front give it a great menswear “grandpa sweater” look. And luckily, the moose embroidery that all Abercrombie & Fitch clothing items carries is the same color as the sweater, so it won’t scream, “I’m an adult who shops in stores meant for high schoolers!”

Abercrombie & Fitch Cashmere Cardigan in size XS

Get the tiny cashmere quick before they’re all gone!


Sale at Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor Loft just put some new stuff on sale, and there are some decent petite XXS pieces. Usually I find Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft to be cut a little boxier than I like, however they are pretty good for wardrobe staples like sweaters and cardigans.

I picked up a few of these cardigans already.

000 Petite at Banana Republic

**This post has an update here**

Ok, so I admit I’ve joked around about being a non-existent size. I’ve been known to sarcastically proclaim myself a size -1…or a size 000. But to have it really be true? Honestly, Banana Republic, are you serious? But hey, if it fits…I’ll be first in line! Behold Banana Republic’s new size charts in the Petite Fit Guide: For tops: For Pants:

Some tops are already available in size XXS P, but no pants have been added to the website yet. This new size 000 P is also on the size chart for blazers and outerwear, dresses, and skirts. Stay tuned! If the introduction of size 00 to the fashion industry caused controversy about it’s association with unhealthily thin women, I wonder if this will ruffle some feathers as well.

**This post has an update here**

Petite XXS at Banana Republic!

So, I’ve noticed something exciting lately on the Banana Republic website. A new size is popping up, and it’s tiny! When I called a Banana Republic representative, she told me they are doing a “test run” on a new petite size XXS to see how it sells. If it sells well, they very well may introduce it as a size for the rest of their petite clothing items! She also told me the BR petites are selling very very well, which is a positive sign that BR will continue to expand their petite line.

I was lucky enough to snag the above silk top in petite XXS before it sold out online, and let me just say I am very excited about this new size. As I reviewed in my earlier post about Banana Republic petite silk tops, the PXS has always fit about 1-2 sizes too large on me. Well, when this baby arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it on, but was careful not to get too excited, because there was a chance even this size would be too big.

I am happy to say the PXXS is fantastic! It drapes beautifully and doesn’t overwhelm my frame like most silky tops do. I am checking the BR website almost daily for the next PXXS item I want to purchase. Get them while you can, because they are selling out fast!

Here is what is currently available as of today in PXXS. To do a search, click on a clothing item such as “tops”, and then search by size for PXXS. Enjoy!

Call Banana Republic customer service at 1-888-BRSTYLE to leave a comment and let them know we want more petite XXS!

Brand that Sometimes Runs Small: Banana Republic Petites

My closet would be in a sad state if it weren’t for the Banana Republic Petites line. While not everything works, I find a few gems here and there. The BR aesthetic is pretty close to my person style, so it has been a great resource for me. The petite XS and petite 00 items either fit just right, or seem to be about 1 size too big. Here is a rundown of what the fit has been for me so far:

I put the tops in 3 categories: silky, button down, and rayon/stretchy.

Silky tops in PXS always fit about 1-2 sizes too large on me. This includes the bust, waist and sleeve. I suppose a tailor could make one work, but it would need to be altered to within an inch of it’s life, and I’m a little nervous to take that leap. For instance, this top looked ridiculous on me. The puff sleeve certainly doesn’t help.

Petite silk tie-neck blouse

Button down “work” shirts in PXS are always about 1 size too big. The sides could be taken in easily enough by a tailor, but I’ve found the shoulder is also a little big, and might be more difficult to take in. Try it if you’re brave!

Rayon/stretchy tops in PXS usually fit pretty well. The stretchy fabric certainly helps the fit, since they’re cut smaller. Most of the things from BR I own are of this variety. For example, this top fit me fantastically!

Petite sleeveless tie-neck top (rayon/spandex)


I’ve found a few blazers in P00 that have worked me, and each one has had the word “stretch” on the label. Go figure, since the stretchy fabric garments are cut smaller right? Look for things that say “stretch”, and there’s a chance it’ll fit.


Just like with the jackets, the P00 pants that have the word “stretch” somewhere on the label have worked for me in the past. However, I still have needed the waist taken in just a bit, but this is an easy alteration, and not really a big deal. My favorite cut was the Ryan, since it was a little slimmer and sat lower on the waist (I’m short-waisted, so lower waists on pants are more flattering), however, I haven’t seen the Ryan cut in a while, and think BR is phasing it out. So sad! I really hate the wide leg trouser look this fall/winter, as my little legs get lost in all that fabric! Oh well, maybe fitted trousers will come back in soon. If need be, a tailor can slim the legs on your trousers.

Petite plaid houndstooth wide-leg pant (way too wide for tiny legs!)


Forget it! BR jeans run big all over. The waist, thigh, and leg are always huge on me. I’ll pay for premium denim that fits WAY better any day!

Dresses and Skirts:

BR dresses and skirts in PXS and P00 run about 1 size too big. On dresses, I find the shoulders a little big, and the chest seaming too low, so the girls are never where they should be. The sides usually need some taking in, and the hem is usually just a tad too long. The dresses that have the most promise after easy alterations are the silk sheath dresses. Just get the sides taken in a bit, and, wallah! Perfect. Similar to the dresses, the hem of the skirts is usually a little too long, and the waist has always been too big, so that they sit on the low hip instead of the low waist where it should be.

All in all, BR petites is definitely worth checking out! There are gems to be found, and with some simple alterations, most items will work well.

All photos from bananarepublic.com